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Entry #6

madness day 08

2008-09-23 04:58:32 by theprotagonist

just a small post to say happy madness day. :P


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2008-12-21 00:11:20


its me joshiee.....

i finaly made an acc on here lol idk y lol

was bored at home so yer i hear u were havin a fight wit a 8 yr old about a word overzleous or sumthink lol

g2g hav work in a bit :(

u goin to gelns party on monday??
bye bye

theprotagonist responds:

hey josh, no im not going to the party dont feel like it. lol atm your at the party have fun. :P


2009-06-02 18:24:57

u didnt make anything lol


2009-07-24 08:02:46

happy madness day too you too


2010-02-27 12:40:44

New post please. And make a sequal, lazy.