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Hobo wants a cheese wedge plz!

2007-12-01 22:00:03 by theprotagonist

if some one can send me a nice pic of cheese i will give them a prize.


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2008-01-05 12:20:06

i will
But if i do, you will join my madness collab. Digitalk yold me to ask you cause of your badass movie! We've got good members and all it is is an action madness movie, PM me if your interested.


2008-01-31 17:41:05

my name is cheesecamp, does that count?

(Updated ) theprotagonist responds:

I think so.... one sic i will ask my safe....(sam1) hey me does dis guy(sam2) arr what! fuck off sam1 i am fucking trying to sleep and u come fucking in here and saying shit.(sam1) but i am trying to ask a.(sam2) go away!... i do not like u. (sam1) boo hooo booooo" run off grabs a gun and kill hem and sam2. the end! 2 days later.... ban! ban! open up its the po.... of my god!!! now its the end!

sorry no it does not.... what!! who am i!! i am sam! ^_^


2008-04-06 18:42:47

Heres your cheese!!! :D


Also, i wanted to know if you could pm me a link to some Madness Combat 7 Spirits. ^_^


2008-04-10 14:50:17

lol um ok?


2008-04-16 17:05:51

are you working on any new animations?

theprotagonist responds:

yes yes i am