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madness day 08

2008-09-23 04:58:32 by theprotagonist

just a small post to say happy madness day. :P


2008-08-24 20:08:55 by theprotagonist

how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

A) Too much!
B) A log
C) As much as he could hold
D) How the fuck should i know and what the fuck is a wood chuck!

Duncan Hills Coffee!!!

2008-06-06 08:14:19 by theprotagonist A7K8&feature=related


just look at it thats all i can say.

if some one can send me a nice pic of cheese i will give them a prize.

Madness Day big and GR8

2007-09-22 04:06:38 by theprotagonist

Madness Day 07 is the best madness day so far.

Madness Day big and GR8

Madness 8

2007-08-21 03:56:03 by theprotagonist

come on krinkels madness 8.